Assam Blatt SF-STGFOP1 Satrupa

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Indian Black tea – Assam Satrupa SF-STGFOP1

A black, organic Assam tea from Satrupa tea estate. Secund Flush- Special Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe grade 1 black tea

Appearance & composition

The dry leaf is a broken grade with some buds and deep colour.

The wet leaf is broken into medium sized pieces and has a rich, oxide brown.

The tea liquor is a warm, bright, chestnut-red

Aroma, taste & finish

The aroma of the dry leaf is slightly plumy with honey notes.

On the nose the tea is warm, with honey, malt and purple berries.

In the mouth this tea is full and bright with brief floral notes. It is deeply malty, with strong suggestions of cocoa.

The aftertaste is long, sweet and slightly dry with only a hint of bitterness.

Origin & history

Assam has been home to tea growers since the mid 1800s when tea was first cultivated here by the British. Assam is famous around the world for its rich malty teas grown from its native Assamica tea plants. The plants are processed into a deep malty brew which has become a staple of many breakfast blends due to its rich and strong flavour.

On the low lying planes which line the Brahmaputra River in North East India, the soil is luscious and fertile and the landscape is abundant with a rich diversity of wildlife. The subtropical valleys and foothills of Assam are humid and hot allowing tea plants to grow with ease in this luscious landscape.

Assam is one of the only regions outside China to grow tea from its own large-leaved tea species the Camellia Sinensis Assamica. This native tea plant was first discovered growing wild in the region in the 1800’s.

What is unique about Assam Satrupa

Satrupa tea area  lies in the north east of Assam. The tea produced here is bright and fresh while still having deep malty character, typical of teas from this region. This Satrupa is organically grown  

Suitable for…

This full-flavoured tea will pair well with hot foods including Indian cuisine. This is a robust tea and may be served with milk but is best-enjoyed black.

Brewing instructions/How to brew Assam FTGFOP

Brew with freshly boiled water which has cooled to 90°C. Use one teaspoon (5 g) of tea per cup and infuse for three minutes or to taste.

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